[Fsfe-ie] The Sunday Business Post and the Live CD

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Mon Apr 26 13:01:41 CEST 2004

> * It is a little over-branded as an IFSO production. Although it
>   clearly states that it is "based on Morphix", I think that we might want
>   to return one of their splash screens and include some more
>   information about the precise relationship between our and their
>   product.

I agree it's a little over branded, our logos make it look like we wrote
the whole thing, when in fact we just took someone else's and put our
name on it (just too much fun playing with the logo). How about putting
the morphix logo on the bootup screens, and adding a section to the
index.html to describe the the relationship between out live cd and
morphix. Also the information directly available to the user on the cd
is a little thin, no information on common problems, no information
about IFSO apart from a few vague mentions.

> If they are looking for a CD image fast, I think the safer bet might be
> to go for a standard Knoppix or Morphix image.

I agree, our cd is essentially the current Morphix release with new 
logos. The current Morphix cd isn't even 1.0 release yet. Knoppix 3.3 
seems to have slightly better hardware support, i don't know when the 
Morphix people branched off from Knoppix. 

> Talking about the CDs: They were all gone from the conference last
> night. If anyone has the time and technology, could they burn a few
> more. I'll collect them and drop them over, if necessary.

I can do another 20, and drop them over this evening. We should keep 
tack of how many of these CDs are "in the wild", it would be a useful 

I don't think we should explicitly tell the newspaper not to use our 
cd image, but rather give them enough information on out live cd and the 
others out there so they can choose themselves, this includes telling 
them that we not be able/want to support every cd given out. 

David C.

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