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Reply from morphix.org people aout us makeing derivative


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Hi David,

> Hello, in accordance with the The Morphix Derivative-Distribution License i
> would like to tell you that i have made a derivative distribution based on
> morphix. The distribution was made for the Irish Free Software Organisation
> (http://www.ifso.ie), we picked morphix because it's comletly free software.
> Our cd states that our distribution is based on morphix. Currently there is
> not much customisation, but in the comeing weeks we hope to add small changes
> to make it more friendly to an irish audience (irish dial up scripts, irish
> keyboard layouts and dictionaries). Our image
> is:http://netsoc.ucd.ie/~cathcart/ifso/ 

Thank you for complying with the MDDL, if there are any issues or problems that
arise please let us know, and we welcome any relevant improvements for the
Morphix base so that these can be integrated for all derivatives. 

We can offer some initial visibility through the morphix community by announcing
your project via the website for reviewing and testing. Does your organisation
wish this extra visibility or do you want to keep the project internal for now
until extra changes have been made?



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