[Fsfe-ie] Panic off: The Sunday Business Post and the Live CD

mmcweeney at oceanfree.net mmcweeney at oceanfree.net
Mon Apr 26 17:08:24 CEST 2004

Guys, quick update
Spoke to Business post again, and it looks like the mag to be published as a
supplement next sunday is going to press tomorrow, so by that token, unless
the editorial team sucked in standard knoppix 3.3 already, they probably won't
be even able to do that.
Still no word from anyone on the editorial team (probably for deadline reasons),
but David McDonnell (from advertising dept.) seemed really keen that the IFSO
offering be looked into and/or given away subsequently if not this time.  We'll
wait and see.
I used the conversation to mention Software Patents and the Brussels event,
and give very briefly the possible implications of Patents.  My impression would
be that the editorial team will at least start looking at our site after this
publication is out.  After all, this specifically focuses on Linux, as opposed
to 'free software'.
It will probably be an interesting buy next sunday for all sorts of reasons.

Looks like that's it for now on that subject  =:-o

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