[Fsfe-ie] indymedia today (thursday) & the leaflet online

Malcolm Tyrrell malcohol at eircom.net
Fri Apr 30 13:07:48 CEST 2004


Called in last night. The place had gone a bit crazy with loads of
continental protesters milling around. There seemed to be a little
ambiguity over whether it should be a protest centre or a media

When I arrived, there was a few "what to do if you get busted" flyers on
our table and also someone had sticky-taped a "be a legal observer" list
to our stand. I shifted the extra stuff off our stand, hung around for a
while and then decided that the current crowd weren't that interested in
what we had to say, so I headed off. I took a lot of the stuff with me
just in case it got out of hand.  I think I've left enough stuff for the
rest of the conference.

Oh, and someone left a few miscellaneous CDs on our stand. They looked
like a few different Linux live CDs (including an amusingly titled
"damn small linux". I decided that they were probably legit so I left
them on the stand.

Apparantly, there will be lots of journalists there today. Anyone going
along should be careful to avoid our being lumped in with some of the
more radical organisations attending. If we were to get widely thought
of as an anti-globalization movement, I would recommend that we
disbanded: we would likely do more harm than good to our cause.

Anyway, I'll go along on Sunday to pick up the rest of our stuff.

Good luck,


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