[Ffii-uk-action] Patents - Innovation (was Re: [Fsfe-ie] CharlieMcCreevy)

Seth Johnson seth.johnson at realmeasures.dyndns.org
Sun Aug 15 13:13:15 CEST 2004

Jonas Maebe wrote:
> On 15 aug 2004, at 08:46, Seth Johnson wrote:
> I don't see how Development and Humanitarian Aid has much to do with a
> software-patents-for-Europe directive. If we were trying to instill
> software patents on developing countries it might be different, but in
> this case I don't think it's really his responsibility.

Thanks.  I thought "Development" might apply, but I guess not.  I was being
impressionistic, based on limited information.

> I also don't know how much he would support us, remember that this is
> the guy who said about the Council ignoring the EP something like "Is
> there a problem? I was not aware that sometimes good legislation comes
> from the Parliament. I will look into this". The issue of the ezine of
> EUReporter in which this was printed doesn't seem to be online anymore,
> though (it was somewhere after our April conference, probably the 21
> April issue).

Ack.  Ah well.

However, please observe that my more general recommendation is about
analyzing the Lisbon Strategy's performance measures, opening that up by
explaining how simple "patents" without regard to the nature of software, is
not really a valid measure of innovation.


> The most important people are probably (my information comes from a
> newspaper article):
> * McReeny (Ireland): internal market
> * Reding (Luxembourg): information society and media
> * Verheugen (Germany): enterprises and industry
> * Kroes (The Netherlands): competition (she's the successor of
> Bolkestein and comes from the same party; I don't know whether she's as
> bad as he is, I just asked on nl-parl)
> * Potocnik (Poland): science and research
> * Buttiglione (Italy): justice (and freedom and safety) and vice
> president. He's the guy who in the Council asked where the rest of the
> German amendment suddenly went to.
> * Mandelson (UK): trade
> * Almunia (Spain): maybe, he's responsible for economic and monetary
> affairs
> * Barroso (Portugal): president, wants to sell Europe better to the
> public opinion


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