[Fsfe-ie] CD for the netsocs

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Thu Aug 19 19:36:37 CEST 2004

The cd for the netsocs is comeing along well, we've got enough people
interested to do a run off 500+ at 76cent each. 

I ended up with cdman.com to duplicate the cd's. Unfortunitally they
have some rather exacting standards. 

The artwork to bw screen printed onto the cd for some reason HAS to be
in one of the following formats: 

    * Quark Express  V3.3 or better
    * Adobe Illustrator V8.0 or better
    * Adobe InDesign V3.0 (CS) or better

I don't have access to any of these programs. Also we have to specify
the exact panatone colours, not cmyk or rgb (apparently quark and
illustrator can do this. Can anyone help with this, there is a rather
large cost in sending them an EPS/TIFF

>What program are you making an EPS 
>file from? If it is made from anything other than the 
>3 programs listed then there is a $50 fee per page setup / $50 
>per label setup charge.  If you are making an EPS from
>Photoshop we have a discount rate of $100 
>for PSD file submissions as per:

Also they require a print out of the agreement that grants distribution
for all third party software. I don't fancy printing out the GPL with
reference to all the software on the cd, perhaps i take morphix as one
piece of software, that would make things manageable. Any suggestions?

Lastly, they seem to be using 78 (680mb) minute cd's not 80 minute ones,
we'll have to trim things down a bit (not much). 

Re: changes to the cd. So far i've updated all the windows/macos
software, removed mozilla (firebird instead) and added some suggestions
from the netsocs (vim, frozen bubble and one or two more, all gpl)


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