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Alex Macfie writes:
> On Tue, 2004-08-24 at 15:01, Teresa Hackett [default] wrote:
> > Yes there is, because the proposal has to go back to the European Parliament
> > for a second reading, perhaps around December/January. Gay Mitchell belongs
> > to the European People's Party, the largest political group (268 out of 720
> > MEPs), so how the EPP group vote will be crucial. 
> Most likely its official line will be pro-swpat, because of Harbour (UK,
> Conservative) and Wuermeling (DE, CSU) as spokesmen. But last September
> a significant minority of PPE MEPs voted against swpat, which included
> entire national delegations (one being that of Ireland of course). A PPE
> anti-swpat caucus was formed around the Finnish MEP Piia-Noora Kauppi
> (who's back), and followers were found by both picking off individuals
> and finding opinion-formers within party groups who were anti-swpat. The
> other two big groups (PSE, ELDR) were handled likewise.
> A lot of MEP minds *were* changed between June (when the JURI committee
> votes) and September last year. I can think of several PPE MEPs whose
> assistants told me and others they would follow the Harbour/Wuermeling
> line but who ended up voting against swpat. Avril Doyle is back which
> can only be a good thing. As for Gay Mitchell you guys can best judge
> whether his support for swpat is 'soft' or 'hard'. Maybe he was just
> following the herd and didn't know any better. OTOH he could be a
> creature of the civil service.
> McCreevey belongs to the same party as Brian Crowley MEP, who seems
> strongly anti-swpat and led his group to vote that way. Have they
> talked? Would it make any difference? There seems to be a big gulf
> between Irish MEPs and the Irish gvt on this issue.

There does seem to be a gulf, alright.  The Fianna Fail MEPs have been
anti-swpat (a little bit to my surprise ;).

OTOH, Gay Mitchell (Fine Gael) informed a voter last June that he was
pro-swpat, despite the FG party position having changed to anti:

  - Mitchell: http://www.eire.com/blogarchives/000138.html

  - FG: http://4c.ucc.ie/~cbosch/dscf1032.jpg

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