[Fsfe-ie] Univ of Limerick co-ordinates European libre software project

Teresa Hackett [default] teresahackett at eircom.net
Fri Aug 27 04:06:19 CEST 2004

Report in the Irish Times today.

University of Limerick, University College Cork and National
Microelectronics Application Centre are the Irish partners in this EU funded
project, CALIBRE : Co-ordination Action for Libre Software Engineering for
Open Development Platforms for Software and Services.

Described thus at:

CALIBRE is an EU FP6 Co-ordination Action project, involving the leading
authorities on libre/open source software. CALIBRE is led by the University
of Limerick, Ireland and brings together an interdisciplinary consortium of
12 academic and industrial research teams from France, Ireland, Italy, the
Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK and China. The key goals of

to integrate and coordinate open source software research and practice to
ensure that the open source phenomenon flourishes and delivers to its true
potential, especially for the European ‘secondary' software sector
(automotive, telco etc) where Europe has particular strengths; strengths;
to foster the effective transfer of the many useful lessons from open source
software to facilitate the next generation of software engineering methods
and tools;
to establish a European industry open source software research policy forum.

CALIBRE aims to coordinate the study of the characteristics of open source
software projects, products and processes; distributed development; and
agile methods. Integrating and coordinating these research activities to
address key objectives for open platforms, such as transferring lessons
derived from open source software development to conventional development
and agile methods, and vice versa.


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