[Fsfe-ie] Public talk by Georg Greve of FSF Europe

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Fri Dec 17 17:50:17 CET 2004

Hello everyone,

This is an initial announcement of a public talk by Georg Greve, head
of the Free Software Foundation, Europe. The talk will be held on the
UCD campus on January 14th and will be open to the public. The talk is
being hosted by UCD netsoc who have graciously offered to fund Georg's

Details are still being finalised and there will be further
announcements to the list as the arrangements become certain, but we
thought you would like some notice! We were very lucky to get Georg,
as his schedule for the next six months is rather full, and he is
bound to be a most interesting speaker.

More information about Georg can be found at his home page:

Glenn Strong

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