[Fsfe-ie] Tender wording help?

Conor Daly conor.daly at oceanfree.net
Sun Feb 1 02:06:27 CET 2004

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone would comment on my proposed wording for a server

Currently at work, we run three Win NT or 2K servers providing PDC, file
and print and email (MS Exchange).  Our desktops are about 85/15 MS/linux.
The servers are due for replacement and the purchase will go out to
tender.  I have spoken to our head of IT and have requested that the
tender document be worded in terms of the _services_ required rather than
the _software_.  He suggested that I make the proposal in writing so I
want to figure out a suitable OS neutral [0] wording.  Thus far I have:

"Supply computer equipment to provide the following network services to a
mixed MS Windows and linux desktop network:

	Primary Domain Controller
	SMB/CIFS file services
	SMB/CIFS print services
	Server-based email services
	Server-based calendering services
	Name Resolution services"

That pretty much covers the 'what we want' bit.  Now it's up to someone to
come up with an FS answer to that.

Any thoughts/comments on the wording?  



[0] I _would_ like to word the tender to specify free software only but I
    wouldn't get away with that.  Best I can hope for is a strictly neutral
    wording and that one or more companies will propose an FS based
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