[Fsfe-ie] RTE Morning Ireland piece on MyDoom virus

adam beecher lists at beecher.net
Mon Feb 2 10:45:25 CET 2004

> entitled to his opinion, other sources of information point more at a
> Russian criminal origin, aiming to use the machines to send spam.  The
> SCO/Microsoft DOS in this case would be a decoy.
I find this theory just as unlikely as the "linux fan" hypothesis, probably
something thought up by the media whores in mi2g and swallowed whole by the
media luvvies that adore them. Seriously, if you were a "russian criminal"
(Senator McCarthy would be proud) and you contracted some hacker to create a
worm for you for this purpose, would you feel you were getting your money's
worth if the hacker built in a DDoS tool that announced the worm to the
world? It defies logic.


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