[Fsfe-ie] Small detail for the record: Response from Senator Mary Henry

Malcolm Tyrrell malcohol at eircom.net
Sat Feb 7 13:00:13 CET 2004

For the record: I received an e-mail from Mary Henry's office thanking
us for the e-mail[1] about the Info Soc directive. I had forwarded her
the e-mail because someone on the list had said she'd been asking
questions about it in the Senate.

I had a quick look at the changes to the copyright law[2]. As Teresa
said, it looks just like the draft.

Sorry I haven't been involved in recent discussions (although there
was one I'm rather glad I wasn't involved in). Something was up with
my e-mail. Seems to be fixed now.


[1] http://www.ifso.info/documents/eucd-dete-00.html 
[2] http://www.entemp.ie/tcmr/ipuwork.htm

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