[Fsfe-ie] [Info] European day of action in Dublin on Saturday, May 1st WAS Videos

Adam Moran adam at diamat.org.uk
Wed Feb 11 16:36:29 CET 2004


This came in from [imc-sheffield]:

atw wrote:

> see http://www.geocities.com/eufortress/ or irish indymedia.
> "Activists from the Dublin Grassroots network are calling for a
> European day of action in Dublin on Saturday, May 1st, as the
> highlight of a weekend of action from Friday April 30th, to Monday May
> 3rd. These days of action will focus on symbols of all that is wrong
> with the EU as it currently stands: militarism, neo-liberalism,
> fortress Europe and the EU police state. We are inviting people from
> all over Europe, and the world, to join us in Dublin on Mayday to show
> our leaders that their agenda for EU integration, driven by the
> wealthy and powerful, will face resistance. We will also be using the
> days of action to highlight local issues and campaigns which are
> linked to the broader problems of corporate globalisation and the EU."
> there was a planning meeting this weekend said to be very positive. i
> think there is another planning meeting soon but don't have the date -
> maybe on the web site.

I found the relevant post:

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Thanks Steve


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