[Fsfe-ie] [Info] European day of action in Dublin on Saturday, May 1st WAS Videos

Adam Moran adam at diamat.org.uk
Thu Feb 12 01:09:17 CET 2004

Hi Harry,

>> Dealing with issues relating to the IFSO's cause but  which are not directly
>> addressed by the IFSO is all fine and good up to a certain point but you don't want to lose
>> focus by starting arguments between people who may or may not have different opinions on
>> issues not relating to the IFSO. 

I take your point; this is the last thing I would want also.

I think you would be surprised though at how much support we would get 
from IMC if we explained the case well enough.

I raised the swpats issue some time ago here with IMC and was encouraged 
to write an article; i didn't find the time - if I get the chance I post 
for sure. This group, http://www.irishdemocrat.co.uk/ has also said they 
would like to know more.

I told people here http://www.centre.public.org.uk/ as well in the hope 
that they would be interested in some work. In my head I made an analogy 
between Privatisation of the Public Sector and swpat; they are too busy 
in any case with other stuff, and I sussed that although their work is 
second to none when it comes to economic analysis, they would not have 
time to get up to speed within the time available.

In any case, I doubt with all their experience that they could have 
cooked the content to the quality produced by this list. Even though the 
general nature of swpats is well rehearsed, who gets what email, letter, 
phone call, fax, personal contact and otherwise cajoling is sometimes a 
matter of alchemy.

I and other folk here have raised this issue with our MPs and MEPs in 
the uk and elsewhere. Same old same-old mainly ... but at least some 
understanding and consequential moral support from one or two.

To be frank I find it difficult not to mention swpats - my work mates 
think its funny, but just like everyone in this new industry who are 
conscious of this legislation, we treat these things seriously.

I'm writing like one of the converted aren't I - sorry if I annoy anyone 
  - it's not my intention.

>> ???.

Just memories of a different time and particular mates and I rushed an 
email ... malformed-memory-packets no doubt, which should be reshaped 
... I didn't mean to confuse.


Oh David ... I use vi if its relevant ?

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