Stuff (was: Re: [Fsfe-ie] Next IFSO meeting- new venue & day?)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Sat Feb 28 08:51:40 CET 2004

> we have to find a new venue since the previous has closed [...] maybe
> switching to a Tues/Wed to improve chances of finding somewhere quiet.

There was some kind of consensus that we should move the meetings to
Tuesdays (Wednesday didn't suit someone), so list:

Is it okay if we move the meetings to Tuesday?

Thursday is crap because it's a busy night in town so we have to meet in
an some obscure pub well off the beaten track - not a good way to
increase turn out.  Can someone suggest a pub though? (somewhere more
central or better known then BenShaws was.)

Anyway, here's everything that's in the works (or on pause) at the
moment :

Patents - there's some meeting on tuesday (2nd march), so I want to work
on the letter and try deliver it on monday.  I'll post an update asap. - where's that? email addresses (press, info, and committee) - pending domain

E-voting - aidan? is there a plan etc.?

Logo - I haven't looked at them all yet but the mails going around sound
positive.  I agree we should pick one at the meeting and be done.

summary of last meeting - glenn?

IFSO as an official associate of FSF Europe - I talked to Georg Greve
about this as FOSDEM, I think in the end we agreed that IFSO should keep
running for another 4/5 months and then apply.

website - get pages hosted somewhere shared (I'm half on this) - I've
added the latest version of the membership form, and will add committee
mugshots to one of the pages later/tomorrow.

other stuff?

The list has been quiet recently, I guess everyones busy again (I know I
am), most of the above stuff is non-urgent but I thought I'd post it so
it doesn't go stale.

Ciarán O'Riordan
Irish Free Software Organisation:

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