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Sat Feb 28 14:02:05 CET 2004

I'm surprised no-one's mentioned this so far, I watched it from start to
finish the other day and it was fascinating. And before anyone starts
complaining about the video being in Real Media format, be advised that a
proprietary *nix player is available from the Real Media website (see foot
of page), and a pre-release open source player is available from


Moglen on Free Software as a Way of Life
posted by mpawlo on Friday February 27, @08:40AM
from the interesting-people dept.

Mary Bridges is back. This time good Mary has summarized a presentation
professor and free-software guru Eben Moglen
<http://moglen.law.columbia.edu/> gave at Harvard Law School, February 23,
2004. Moglen is the general consel of the Free Software Foundation
<http://www.gnu.org/>. Among other things, Moglen discussed the SCO ./. IBM
law suit. Professor Moglen stated:

'I feel somewhat overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to talk for any
substantial length of time about a lawsuit that isn’t going anywhere,'
professor Eben Moglen told the audience.

Read Mary Bridges' recollection of the event

Watch a streaming video
0830.rm> (Real Media) of professor Moglen's presentation.

Also, Greplaw's coverage of Bridges' summary of Lessig's presentation at

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