[Fsfe-ie] Opportunity to question MEP candidates

mmcweeney at oceanfree.net mmcweeney at oceanfree.net
Fri Jun 4 15:54:18 CEST 2004

To whoever will be attending these interviews...

Last week I got toasted by a list member (off the list) for daring to mention
to someone non-technical an analogy between a copyright on a bike design, and
a patent on "Mechanically propelled transport".

While ultra-crude, it still had the effect of getting the CONCEPT accross about
the differences between copyrights and patents.  Once that's understood, however
crudely, the audience will have some interest in hearing an answer, as opposed
to hearing waffle above their heads.

The correction to my analogy mentioned LZW Compression algorithms and Instant
messengers.   (ZZZzzz... to 99% of your audience). We also need the support
(and) ears of people who don't understand these concepts.  As I understand people,
most are happy to get the jist of something, "leave it to the experts to trash
out", and tune in for the result.

I would reserve involved arguements for an occasion that Vincent Brown or others
would see fit to do an item (or program) about it.  For now, we need to make
friends and win support.

Whever's going along, good luck & hope that's useful

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