[Fsfe-ie] EFF Project

Barry Mahon barry.mahon at iol.ie
Mon Jun 14 09:51:05 CEST 2004


Don't know if anybody has reacted to this....

EFF: The Patent Busting Project (EFF)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Patent Busting Project is here to
protect you from dangerously bad patents. And you can help us pick
which patents we're going to bust first! We're currently seeking
nominations for ten patents that deserve to be revoked because they
are invalid. A patent must be software or Internet-related and there
must be a good reason to suspect that the patent claims are invalid.
We're especially interested in patents that target tools of free
expression, such as streaming media, blogging tools, and voice over IP
(VoIP) technology. Most importantly, the patent-holder must be
aggressively enforcing its patent and suing (or threatening to sue)
alleged infringers. We're particularly interested in cases where the
patent-holder is trying to force small businesses, individuals,
nonprofits, and consumers to pay licensing fees. Deadline to enter is
June 23.

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