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Subject: Announcement: SFD updates
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Henrik has updated the softwarefreedomday.org website with details about the
plan for SFD distribution materials.  In summary, we will be providing ISO
images and some printed artwork, and each team will be responsible to obtain
CDRs and burn the ISOs onto them.  See the full story here:

Also, Henrik has posted a story describing the new SFD Wiki (for SFD team
pages), three new SFD mailing lists, and the new online signup form for SFD
Team Leaders.  Read the story here:

Starting now, all SFD team leaders must sign up here:
Even if you've already contacted us personally, you must sign up using the
form so that we have the required information about every team leader in a
uniform fashion.

***PLEASE NOTE***: You MUST use the SFD Team Leader signup form to be
considered a SFD team leader, regardless of your activities in the SFD forum
and any email exchange you may have had with the SFD organizers.

And last but not least, we are finalizing our incorporation plans so 
that the
SFD organization should soon be able to begin taking donations!

We'll let you know more as we make progress.

In this inauguration of this email list, we thank you all for your 
interest in
Software Freedom, and we look forward to working with you.

The Software Freedom Day Team

SoftwareFreedomDay.org :
    Celebrating Free and Open Source Software in a Community Near You
contact AT softwarefreedomday.org

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