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That's right. The material would be out of copyright if we still had 50yrs, but the 70yrs means it's still in force. According to the press, in previous years, RTE had to cancel Joyce readings and the Abbey Theatre had to cancel a performance for the same reason. We can only use it to strengthen our case.


> Yep, that sounds like it was pretty hilarious.  I blogged (ugh) it at
> http://taint.org/2004/06/16/233425a.html as follows:
>   Reportedly, the Dail even had to pass emergency legislation last week to
>   prevent an exhibition at Dublin's National Library from being sued by
>   the Joyce Estate:
>       The threat to the exhibition has been caused by the 2000 Copyright
>       Act which creates a doubt about its ability to display manuscripts
>       bought by the State because the Joyce estate still holds copyright. 
>   Hilarious. Recent overzealous copyright extension legislation snares
>   governments too! But they get to rewrite the laws in emergency session
>   to fix it ;)
> - --j.
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