[Fsfe-ie] Irish (and Northern Irish) MEPs

Daithi Mac Sithigh macsithd at tcd.ie
Wed Mar 10 11:59:43 CET 2004

Here's how they voted on the main vote:
Ireland's 15 - 7/2/6 (but Cox can't vote when chairing, I think)
N.I.'s 3     - 2/0/1

And the breakdown..

YES:		Andrews, Collins, Fitzsimons, Hyland (FF/UEN)
		Cushnahan, McCartin (FG/EPP), Scallon (Ind/EPP)
		* Northern Ireland: Nicholson (UUP/EPP), Hume (SDLP/Soc)

NO:		Ahern, McKenna (Green/Green)


NOT PRESENT:	Crowley, O Neachtain (FF/UEN)
		Banotti, Doyle (FG/EPP)
		DeRossa (Lab/Soc)
		Cox (Ind/Lib) (although he was actually in the chair)
		* Northern Ireland: Paisley (DUP/None)

The first designation is Irish party, the second European party.  All
voted along party lines and voted similarily in all the amendments.

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