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Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at
Thu Mar 11 16:17:02 CET 2004

> > > 	Where's the meeting on Thursday?

> > being down, but where is the meeting today?

> I think we should meet in Mahaffey's (for those who made the last

yeh, I was about to say Mahaffeys too.  (if anyone has a map, please
post it.)

A mailing list isn't a great way to work out things like this though.
Trivial stuff that requires many small mails, another example was the
request to use the gnu+harp logo at the IPRE rally - that mail got no
reply.  So...

IRC.  I think that's the answer, I'm not an irc person, I think I've
used it twice ever (before this week), but I've recently been trying to
figure out how to set up a channel to compliment this list.  So...

#fs-ie on

Three things:
* it'd be real handy for quick decisions
* it'll be handy for stuff that requires more interactive-style
  discussion (like pubs & logos)
* and (actually this is probably the most important point) It will allow
  us to have Dublin-less meetings (or IFSO+AFFS meetings, etc...)

my username is coriordan, I'll try to be logged in for a few hours each
day.  (although I mightn't be logged in much in the next three days because
I'm dead busy today, and I'll be in Galway Fri+Say)

I haven't figure out all the details about irc yet.  I don't know
exactly what OPs are, but I don't think this is important.

If anyone on the list knows how to OP on irc, please become the OP of
this channel, and give out OP privilages liberally.

I chose the name fs-ie so that it's not an IFSO-thing, or an FSFE-thing,
it's just another free software and Ireland thing.

I picked freenode because I know nothing about irc but FSF endorsed it a
while ago:
(others have since told me that it's a good quality irc provider)

Ciarán O'Riordan
Irish Free Software Organisation:

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