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At the meeting on last Thursday, I mentioned the flyers that were handed 
out to members of the audience at the recent talk by Darl McBride in 
Harvard University. For those who are interested, they can be found off 
the page


which describes the talk from the perspective of the authors of the flyers.

Inspired by the flyer for GNU/Linux, I did up my a version on free 
software which members of the IFSO could hand out at conferences and the 

See the PDF at http://www.geocities.com/eibhear.geo/IFSO/IFSO-free.pdf
The two images I used in the document were modified celtic IFSO logo by 
Cathal (because it's the one *I* prefer) and the baby GNU image from the 
GNU web site.

I used scribus to do it up, but it lacks certain functionalities that I 
was hoping to use. The most disappointing absence was not being able to 
use bullet points or numbered list like HTML's <UL> and <OL> tags. You 
can get the scribus version at


(I had to compress it because Yahoo! GeoCities didn't seem to like the 
contents) and the two images at


Let me know if you're having problems getting them (or if have violated 
anything by placing them on my own web-site).

What you might want to change:
* Anything and everything. This is just a first try.
* I am concerned that it might be too packed and that there might be too 
much information.
* Also, I'll point out that there is little discussion about the 
differences between beer and speech. The initial introduction discussion 
defines free software in terms of the freedoms it grants, and later in 
the leaflet I refer to the difference between free software and "freeware".
* Finally, I studiously avoided the term "open source". I may be wrong 
here, but I believe IFSO falls on Mr. Stallman's side of the argument 
and I wanted to highlight the freedoms that come with the software and 
not the (consequential) openness of the software's development process.

Let me know what you think, but be warned that due to my current working 
conditions, I can't reply to the list during office hours.

Sin é,


Éibhear Ó hAnluain
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