[Fsfe-ie] could IFSO host a talk by RMS?

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Mon May 3 18:55:24 CEST 2004

Are you suggestion IFSO put on the talk on it's own or are you asking 
for help with the room/finances? If so many of the Intersocs societies 
(Minds, Ucd Netsoc ...) would be willing to help. Speaking for UCD 
Netsoc we can offer support, but i'd need to check it with the rest of 
the committe since it's outside term time. 

>     His free software speech would attract a larger audience and would
>     be easier to publicise.  Also, his free software speech has a
>     patents summary in it anyway.

Who is the talk for? Is it going to be a case of preaching to the 
converted again, or are we aiming this at general aeudience? 

>     Agree/disagree?
> ...and the venue suggestions?

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