[Fsfe-ie] Talk by RMS and invitations.

Éibhear ifso at gibiris.org
Tue May 4 13:11:15 CEST 2004


I don't know the protocol surrounding these things, but it might be an idea
to extend a polite invitation to Mary Hanafin, Minister of State
with Responsibility for the Information Society, to this proposed talk. She
recently spoke about the need to push open standards rather than open source
in government. Perhaps a talk by RMS might begin the process of changing her

Any invitation should be sent early in order to get it onto her calendar (if
she's at all interested). Failing that, perhaps a senior member of her


P.S. I know I used the "open source" anathema above. However, as a device of
antithesis, "open stanards versus open source" is a clever bit of FUD and I
use it in that ironic context. It sounds good to the ear, too.

Éibhear Ó hAnluain

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