[Fsfe-ie] new plan: can IFSO host TWO talks by RMS?

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Wed May 5 02:15:42 CEST 2004

> On Saturday we have UCD for a venue (thanks to David Cathcart)
>  -are there any time constraints on this? I suppose evening is best?
> On Monday we'd have (?) 
>  -UCD again would be good, or a city centre venue?

We're currently investigateing 3 places to host the talk(s). 
In order of suitability:

1. Earlsford Terrace, i just remembered that ucd still havs a presence 
in town, the place has some nice lecture theathers and is open till 5 on 
saturdays. Not sure about holding after talk reception and wine 
liscences here though (have someone asking questions about this)
Exams might be on here, i doubt it but it i will check. 

2. Astra Hall, sutdent building ucd, possibly open later than earlsford 

3. Arts block ucd, this is a confirmed good, i called them today. 
They're open till 6 on saturday and we can hold receptions afterwards. 

I'd like to start booking rooms asap (can easily book 2 and cancle one 
or all). If saturday night (after 6) isnt essential (due to flights) it 
would suit us better to hold it in the afternoon. 

As reagrds second talk on monday, we would of course be more than 
willing to host it as well, in any of the above locations at any time 
(they usually close at 10 on weekdays). 

David Cathcart

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