[Fsfe-ie] Morning Ireland piece on Software Patents

Ben North ben at redfrontdoor.org
Thu May 6 10:52:44 CEST 2004

Another one from Morning Ireland:

There was a short piece about the Software Patent Directive on at about
0750 this morning (06-May-2004).  There was a brief introduction, then a
short interview with a representative of (I think) some venture capital
company.  The interviewee said that he was worried about the amended
version of the directive passed by the Parliament back in September (the
one we like).  He was worried it would reduce investment, and he and
others were meeting with some (Irish) parliament committee later today
to put the point of view that they should go back to the original text.
The interviewee seemed to think he had the ear of the appropriate people
and that the Irish presidency of the EU would help him get his preferred
version of the directive through.

I may be mis-remembering some of this, but would this be worth a quick
email to RTE pointing out the other side?  Perhaps for now we should
concentrate on getting our patent letter out, though.


doesn't have today's show up yet, but will soon I expect.


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