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Agreed. But letters and press releases are different, and I think we need both, but the authorisation process is similar. We just need to settle a procedure. For press releases, how about:

1. Make a pro-forma document with standard IFSO header, intro paragraph, blank for text, contact info - to be used for all press releases.
2. When a topic comes up, slot in the text and send to committee, the website lists: Ciaran O'Riordan, Chairman;Glenn Strong, Secretary, webmaster;Aidan Delaney, Treasurer;Malcolm Tyrrell
3. Approval from Ciaran (as chair) and one other?
4. When approved, final version to list
5. Publish on press release section on website.

It doesn't take that long to do a press release, it's no more than 2-3 paragaphs of text. I'm happy to do the pro-forma bit after my exams, if this helps.


> For the last 2-3 meetings, one thing on the agenda was to sort out some way
> of sending out letters "as IFSO".  Press releases in essence, but we still
> called them letters.  For some reason this topic never gets sorted out.
> As a real quick fix, I suggest that anything with the go-ahead from two
> committee members should be permitted to be sent "as IFSO". (yay/nay?)
> There's a balance to be struck between speed and correctness/review.
> but equally important is that people should still send stuff as themself -
> like Ians letter to Morning Ireland.  IFSO should be able to add weight to
> an issue, but the existence of IFSO shouldn't stop others from doing stuff.
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