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Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Sun May 9 02:57:26 CEST 2004

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Ian Clarke writes:
> Fergal Daly wrote:
> > I was actually thinking I might fire off a customised copies to TDs and MEPs
> > who are in parties voting in favour of this too. This is a perennial
> > question, does anyone have TD and MEP email addresses handy?
> I know its a pain, but if at all possible - most politicians take snail 
> mail more seriously, particularly since these public email addresses 
> often sit on websites where spammers will harvest them - meaning that 
> these inboxes are likely choked with spam :-/  I generally send an email 
> (for speed), but also send a letter.

FWIW, this has improved a lot recently, esp for Labour and Green MEPs and
TDs. The cabinet members etc. probably have someone printing them out for
them, but regardless, it does get the attention.

MEPs by party, and contact details: http://www.europarl.ie/meps/index.html

- --j.
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