[Fsfe-ie] EUCD workshop/Wizards of OS 3 Future of the Digital Commons 10-13.6.2004 Berlin

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Fri May 14 01:52:03 CEST 2004

Wizards of OS 3 Future of the Digital Commons 10-12.6.2004, Berlin, followed by a workshop on the European copyright directive 13.6.2004

EUCD workshop 13.6.2004:
Where next for copyright in the new Europe?
Topics include
* Updating the Copyright Directive
* Implementing the IPR Enforcement Directive
* Copyright beyond the EU
* Influencing the international agenda
* Do we need a Digital Rights Directive?

Announcement from Volker Grassmuck:

Wizards of OS 3
The Future of the Digital Commons
June 10 - 12, 2004
Berlin Congress Center

In four weeks, the international conference Wizards of OS 3 will be 
held in the Berliner Congress Center. For three days, 80 specialists 
from 23 countries will be considering and exchanging views on the 
future of our digital commons. Programmers, artists, scientists and 
activists will present their projects, conduct workshops and discuss 
with participants ways in which free software, free content, free 
networks and open archives can be productively applied towards a new 
order of knowledge.

WOS 3 will present examples of successful projects which share this 
aim, examples that may inspire emulation and further development, 
such as Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, and the Simputer, 
with its free hardware design. Just as our natural environment 
survives only due to the efforts of a now powerful movement, our 
digital environment needs similar protection from privatization. 
Addressing the global challenge of a united movement for the freedom 
of knowledge will be, among others, Lawrence Lessig, founder of the 
Creative Commons initiative, Charlotte Hess, commons researcher, and 
Eben Moglen, professor of law and author of the GPL.

Program: http://www.wizards-of-os.org/index.php?id=835&L=3
Registration: http://www.wizards-of-os.org/index.php?id=91&L=3

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