[Fsfe-ie] Swpat vote set for Tuesday, with public deliberation

teresahackett at eircom.net teresahackett at eircom.net
Sun May 16 19:34:57 CEST 2004

The recitals preceeding the articles will remain in the text. They are used by the courts to interpret the articles, in the event of a dispute. So, if it's not possible to have an article amended, then the next best option is to have a recital inserted. For example, Recital 35 of the EUCD states that fair compensation for exceptions can equal zero compensation. Because they don't carry as much weight, it's usually easier to get a recital than an article amendment.


> On Sun, May 16, 2004 at 10:43:29AM +0100, James Heald wrote:
> > Fergal Daly wrote:

> Is the stuff preceding the articles and ammendments just waffle? Will it
> exist in law or does it disappear and only the articles remain relevant.

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