[Fsfe-ie] Promoting RMS talk

teresahackett at eircom.net teresahackett at eircom.net
Mon May 17 17:12:06 CEST 2004

Karlin Lillington, Irish Times, has said she'll cover it.
I can send the press release to ISP assoc and ask them to distribute to their board.
To attract the non-converted, it's important that the press release is written for people who don't know who RMS is or what he's done, that it's a "special" opportunity, etc. For the policy makers, it should be linked to the current debate.
The Dail EU scrutiny committee should be invited - I think best to call the secretariat first, explain the event, then follow up with the press release. Contact details at: http://www.oireachtas.ie/viewdoc.asp?fn=/documents/Committees29thDail/europeanAffairsScrutiny.htm
The ENTEMP IPR unit, esp the 4 patent people, need invites too. Politicians come and go, but civil servants usually remain, so we *must* get them there. Phone nos and email addressess are at: http://www.entemp.ie/science/ipr/contact.htm

I can help out from Friday, but I think this stuff needs doing before that ;-)


> > Here's hoping quite a few politicians and civil service people turn
> > up for the RMS talk...
> We're gonna need all the help we can get convincing them to come along.  In
> fact, with just 7 days to go, we need all the help we can get to make sure
> we have an audience.

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