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Éibhear ifso at gibiris.org
Mon May 17 20:05:49 CEST 2004

The next question, of course, is who extends the invitations? Official
invitations should have the name of a committee member on it.

Please see my next e-mail for a follow-up.


Éibhear Ó hAnluain

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> &gt; Quick question: if IFSO invites some one to the talk, should that
person be
> &gt; asked to pay the charge, or should it be covered by IFSO?
> IFSO pays. - but it's only 3euro a head, so I think we should invite every
> politicians that has even the slightest relevance plus any important civil
> servant types, like the entemp.ie patents people.
> If you can invite any relevent people, invite them.  I don't think we'll
> run out of cash over it - and we can't wait too long.
> small &amp; medium buiness folks would be a good idea too.
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