[Fsfe-ie] Live cd

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Fri May 21 01:38:26 CEST 2004

Re: next cd release

- Should users be able to mount their current hard drives? This is not
done automatically, but by right clicking on the desktop all existing
partitions can easilby be mounted (and icons on the desktop are
automatically created) and unmounted. This seems to work well, thought
unless the user unmounts the disk or logs out and types halt before
turning off the computer the partitions will not be unmounted. Perhaps a
not on this would be helpfull to the user. 

- I've turned on the keymap swticher and made the irish keymap the
default (yes it does fadas)

+ Todo: wvfiad installation, testing. 
+ Todo: OpenOffice dictionaries. 

David Cathcart

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