[Fsfe-ie] Invitations

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Fri May 21 15:43:32 CEST 2004


Perhaps I have misunderstood something, but I got the impression that 
only IFSO committee members could invite people in IFSO's name.  If so, 
it is somewhat unfortunate that the committee has not invited any MEPs, 
since one would imaging that they should be our primary targets :-/


Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:
> Hi!
> In case there's any confusion, I can confirm that the IFSO
> committee have not officially invited any MEP or MEP
> candidates. I did get a friend to invite Ivana Bacik
> in a non-official manner.
> This means that neither Brendan Ryan nor Avril Doyle have
> been invited, so if anyone out there has a connection,
> please do invite them.
> I don't think we have a good excuse for not inviting them.
> However, given the short notice of the talk it might seem
> a bit presumptuous to send them an official invite now.
> Especially during election campaigning time.
> Malcohol.

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