Making the case against software patents (Was: Re: [Fsfe-ie] Ivana Bacik

Ian Clarke ian at
Mon May 24 11:13:45 CEST 2004

Niall Douglas wrote:
> If pro-patent supporters really don't want software to be patentable, 
> why are they opposing the clarifying amendments such as the EP came 
> up with?
> I'd like to see them explain that one. If they try, quote the 
> specific amendment which means "computer software shall not be 
> patentable full stop period forever" and ask them precisely what is 
> wrong with that amendment.

Playing devil's advocate, I suspect they would argue that such an 
amendment would mean that physical inventions with a component that is 
software (eg. a form of computer-controlled lathe) would not be 
patentable, and they consider this to be undesirable.  By this point 
they have successfully blunted your argument.


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