[Fsfe-ie] [firebird at nerdchic.net: Re: Stallman Video]

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Mon May 24 11:42:56 CEST 2004

Just got this from tcd netsoc. I suppose i'll be takeing the camera


----- Forwarded message from Noirin Plunkett <firebird at nerdchic.net> -----
sorry to get back to you so late - I've only gotten full information in
the last half hour.
Unfortunately, HEAnet will no longer be streaming or recording the talk.
If you wish to record it yourselves, you'll need to get in touch with
the AVMS services in Trinity, or the ISS helpdesk (helpdesk at tcd.ie); 
Piaras Walsh (plwalsh at tcd.ie) is the person HEAnet were dealing with, I 
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