[Fsfe-ie] FW: Internal Mayhem Directorate

Teresa Hackett teresahackett at eircom.net
Fri Oct 15 12:04:19 CEST 2004

Richard Stallman's response on how we can use the so-called DRM consultation
for the software patent lobby.


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From: Richard Stallman

    Civil Society representatives, user and consumer advocates were
    left almost speechless yesterday, October 11, at a hearing
    organised by the European Commission on Digital Rights
    Management. Due to the invitation policy of the Commission's DG
    Internal Market,

Isn't this the same directorate that issued the software patents
directive?  It clearly has been captured by certain large business

Whatever you might have said to them, they would probably have paid no
attention.  However, their outrageous conduct might be a useful
opportunity to win some support in the European Parliament.  If you
print out a copy of this announcement for every member of the European
Parliament, adding a note "These are the same arrogant people that
wrote the directive for software patents, that you had to fix last
year", you might start building opposition to whatever they do next.

Another idea: campaign for the removal of the leader of this
directorate, or even its abolition.  Put them on the defensive!

Philippe Aigrain used to work for the EC, and he tried to fix the
nasty parts of the recent "intellectual property" enforcement
directive.  He said that the response, when he pointed out an
injustice, was never to fix it, but rather to disguise it so it was
harder to spot.  Was directive that also done by this directorate?

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