[Fsfe-ie] CD price

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Mon Sep 20 03:24:27 CEST 2004

I have some bad news with regards to the price of the cd's. The previous 
quote I gave was the quote given to me by cdman.com. Unfortunitally in 
the makeing of the cd's I have incurred extra charges which cdman failed 
to inform me of at the time of initial purchase. Firstly they would only 
accept masters shipped via fedex. Then they found the first master 
undreadable, I had to ship another. Each fedex shipment cost 48.50. 
Secondly the refused to accept my credit card. This forced me to take a 
cash advance agaist my credit card and send them the money via 
international bank transfer. The also required me to pay all the bank 
fees for the transfer. The bank costs added around 60 euro to the total 
order. I could have absorbed one fedex shipment but because the price 
increases total about 160 euro I will have to pass them on. These 
increases now make the cost per cd to be 95cent. This still brings it 
well below any Irish company. If any society has a serious budgetry 
problem with this please contact me directly. If anyone doubts my claims 
I can provide bank & fedex reciepts. 

Yours regretfully 

David Cathcart

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