[Fsfe-ie] Commission study on software patents-call for tender

Teresa Hackett [default] teresahackett at eircom.net
Tue Sep 21 12:15:18 CEST 2004

Brian Kahin, University of Michigen mentioned these two studies during the
Future of WIPO meeting last week in Geneva.
There's still time to tender for the first study, but in any case, there
should be an opportunity to take part in the studies.

1. Study into effects of allowing patents claims for computer-implemented
inventions, DG InfoSoc
Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 30.9.2004.
Time: 16.00.
Description/object of the contract:
The Commission has proposed a directive (COM(2002) 92; (2002) 47 COD) which
would provide a legal basis for the patenting of 'computer-implemented
inventions'. This directive has been widely debated and interpreted as a
possible solution for the legal ambiguity and lack of certainty that
surrounds the patenting of computer programs, until now excluded under the
European Patent Convention, though, in practice, granted by both the
European Patent Office and by some national patent offices. The main
objective of this study is to set up an independent longitudinal survey to
understand the effect of computer-implemented inventions on the software
sector under a technical, economic and legal point of view.

2. Call for tenders - what are patents actually worth?, DG Internal Market
The deadline for submitting tender documents is 10.8.2004.
The European Commission has published a call for tenders for a study
evaluating the knowledge economy, and in particular, the value of patents
for today's economy and society.

The study will provide an overall picture of the effect that patents have on
the economy and society of the EU. An assessment of the advantages and
disadvantages will be obtained, along with an evidence-based conclusion as
to the merits or otherwise of patents.

In this way, the study will assist the work of DG Internal Market in
implementing suitable patent policies in order to achieve its objectives
described above. Specifically, it will inform EU policies relating to the
development of the knowledge economy, the support of SMEs [small and medium
sized enterprises] and the proper functioning of the internal market as
regards patent policies.

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