[Fsfe-ie] Minutes 2004 090 21

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Mon Sep 27 00:10:46 CEST 2004

(also on the wiki, with a few more links. http://www.ifso.ie/cgi-bin/wiki.cgi/Minutes_202004_2009_2021 )

= Minutes 2004 09 21 =

 * Glenn Strong
 * Ben North
 * David Cathcart
 * Harry Tormey
 * Malcolm Tyrrell
 * Mel McWeeney

Discussion, topics, and suggestions:
 * David Cathcart delivered the IFSO CD-Roms, for which the committee record their thanks.
 * Malcolm Tyrrell delivered the IFSO T-Shirts, for which the committee likewise record their thanks.
 * A number of outstanding debts (primarily for the shirts & CD-Roms) were settled.
 * Malcolm Tyrrel noted that the patents letter previously drafted had been sent on behalf of IFSO
 * Mel McWeeney reported on the successful Midlands Software Freedom Day (full details at the [http://softwarefreedomday.org/wiki/index.php/Longford Software Freedom Day wiki])
   * Freeduc was very popular, possibly because of the applications
   * For the next IFSO CD it may be worth beefing up the "freedom" aspect of the disc with prominently featured documents explaining the Free Software philosophy
 * Some discussion of the use of the wiki:
   * Opinion was generally positive
   * Should be kept publically open
   * It was felt that one problem with using the wiki to draft documents was the danger of having documents stray off-topic. It was generally agreed that each document should be accompanied by a clear statement of the purpose of the document.
 * The IFSO letterhead still needs some work, and Ben North agreed to do this
 * There was agreement that a PO box should be organised before the next letters are sent, to give IFSO a more professional look.
 * The web site needs some maintenance. 
   * Now that the merchandise is available an "IFSO shop" should be added
   * A license for the documents, etc. hosted at the site. Probably a creative commons license would be suitable
   * Instructions on how to use the CD should be added to the web site. Initially these can be written on the wiki and moved to the main site when they are complete.
 * More business cards should be printed and made available to all members
 * Given the current time commitments of the members it was felt that the best thing was to organise an event to coincide with the IFSO AGM in January 2005.

Glenn Strong

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