[Fsfe-ie] T-shirts

Malcolm Tyrrell malcohol at eircom.net
Tue Sep 28 13:25:24 CEST 2004

Hi all.

Unfortunately, the t-shirts have a small problem: if you turn them inside
out you can see a faded and reversed "Mayo" pattern (complete with crest).
I'm guessing there was some ink resedue on the surface they place inside
the t-shirts.

Although this wasn't visible on the outside (not to my eyes anyway), it
made the t-shirts look a bit tatty. This would be a problem if we were
trying to sell them at an event, so I've aranged to have them taken back.
I think they'll try to remove the pattern first. If they can't, then they
said they'd "sort something out".

If you are planning on getting a t-shirt and don't care about the pattern
(I know I don't) ask me now and I'll take it out of the box. If you want a
fixed t-shirt, there will probably be a delay.

If you already have a t-shirt and are unhappy, get in touch with me.

If you support Mayo, the special IFSO/Mayo reversable t-shirts now cost
5EUR extra.


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