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Seth Johnson seth.johnson at realmeasures.dyndns.org
Thu Sep 30 12:09:23 CEST 2004

Some rhetorical sequencing I recommend:

The EPO's case law regarding software patents in Europe is
finally being clearly seen as wrong.
The real nature of the Council's Directive has now been revealed
and is now much better understood.
Patents on software in a device are patents on software.
Even complex, breakthrough logical algorithms are no different
from mathematical calculations.
Abstractions are general rules by nature, freely available for
all to use.
Patents on software don't "protect" anything; they're just an
impediment to innovation.
Don't let the Council make software patents legal.


Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:
> After the cabinet reshuffle, Mary Harney has moved to health. Michéal
> Martin is now the Minister for Enterprise, Trade, & Employment. I assume
> that he will represent the Irish position when the Council next meets
> to discuss the software patent's issue. Is this correct?
> Assuming I'm correct, we should write a new letter and send it to him.
> Issues for this letter:
> * Congratulations on / welcome to your new job
> * Summary of software patents situation (adjusted to take into account
>   "translations" delay)
> * When the Council meets to discuss this issue again, please revert to
>   Parliament's position.
> Good luck,
> Malcohol.
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