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Mon Aug 8 21:45:38 CEST 2005

This library software company claims to produce "open source" library 
applications. The paragraph below indicates that they are not free 
software. Is this what they mean by a "BSD-like" license?

Thanks if anyone can advise.


"Our low-level protocol toolkits are generally distributed under a very 
liberal "BSD-like" license which asserts our copyright, but allows any 
and all reuse, including commercial, closed-source applications.

A few of the higher-level packages (eg. Zebra) are licensed under the 
GPL. Check the license specifications of each package and contact us if 
you're in doubt. Other forms of licensing can be negotiated for 
commercial purposes." http://www.indexdata.dk/technologies/open_source/

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Index Data would like to extend a warm welcome to librarians around the
world who will be attending the 71st IFLA General Conference in Oslo. 
As one of the few commercial vendors that distribute and support open 
source library application software, we note with pleasure the rising 
interest among librarians for an alternative to the proprietary software 
that still predominates in the library market.  Governments and public 
agencies all over the world are embracing the values and the advantages 
of open source software.  We urge IFLA conference attendees who are 
interested in this swiftly advancing movement to attend Program # 134, 
"Open Source Software for Libraries" on Wednesday from 10:45 to 12:45.

Index Data is a Danish company that has been developing and distributing
open source information retrieval software for over a decade.  We offer
open source alternatives to proprietary software for federated 
searching, content management, portal management and other information 
retrieval applications.  Our software is used by the Danish National 
Library, the National Library of Finland, the Library of Congress, the 
State of Texas and by hundreds of other libraries and library vendors 
world wide.

During the IFLA conference, we will be showcasing the following products
at booth # 606, which we are sharing with REINDEX:

   Keystone Digital Library Suite
   Software for content management, federated searching, and portal 

   YAZ Proxy
   Proxy server that enhances remote access to large bibliographic databases

   High performance database server and index engine

For more information about Index Data and our library software, please
visit our Web site at 	http://www.indexdata.com.

We hope to see you in Olso.

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