[Fsfe-ie] open letter on IPRED2

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Tue Aug 9 15:26:11 CEST 2005

About the new IP rights enforcement directive[0], I think it would be good to
publish an open letter about the lessons from the SCO case.

[0] http://europa.eu.int/eur-lex/lex/LexUriServ/site/en/com/2005/com2005_0276en01.pdf

Most people (those in the Real World) don't know the details of the SCO
case, so we should tell them:

A SCO funded code comparison concluded in 2002:
"we had found absolutely *nothing*. ie no evidence of any copyright
infringement whatsoever."
(This wasn't public until 2005)

That SCO received funding of more than $100 million from Microsoft:
(Blake Stowell of SCO confirmed the memo was real)

And with this funding, despite being advised they had no grounds, they did
things like subpoena FSF:

Despite numerous court cases, SCO have won/proved nothing.

Therefore: copyright is being used as a substitute for competition, when MS
can't beat GNU/Linux, it funds baseless, expensive legal trouble.  So,
abuseable legislation must be avoided (and it will not help the Lison

I'm busy until Monday, so but maybe someone wants to give this a go.

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