[Fsfe-ie] Software Freedom Day request about Beatrix

Mel McWeeney hashbang at oceanfree.net
Sat Aug 20 23:46:50 CEST 2005

Dearest Oskarku,

Can't address a kitten any other way!  Let me introduce myself... I'm Mel McWeeney, and you can find out about me at linuxfactory.ie -  I'm a member and co-founder of the Irish Midlands Linux User Group and the Irish Free Software Organisation and I'm organising at the moment for Software Freedom Day on September 10th, and I'm writing in a personal capacity here.  I'm omitting URLs so that this mail isn't blocked as a spam for having too many URLs.

My head's been done in by the lack of an installer on Breezy Badger as provided on "the open CD" and ALL Gnoppix / Hoary / Gnome Live CD's I've wasted so much time downloading and trying.  I've been looking at using the Beatrix Installer and attempting to add this to The OpenCD3 but I have to wonder at this stage, WHY has nobody already done this, and what do they know that I'm about to waste time discovering?  I've posted to the SFD site today about this subject, and will watch for replies over the coming days.

What I hope to find out as a result of sending this mail, is whether or not Mark Phalan (being Irish and all) has attempted this and backed off, or if there is work in progress, could I have an update, because I'd love to offer 'the open CD3' as an option at software freedom day.  I'm in the process of organising a stand at Longford Shopping Centre, and possibly (depending on my progress) the Irish Free Software Organisation may organise an event as well, in Dublin.

Where stands Beatrix Breezy as we speak?  I have 2005.1F but would love to offer something with Beagle / F-Spot / Dbus / Hal. I'm in danger of running out of time to integrate Morphix-installer into Gnoppix/Hoary/Breezy, so I'd appreciate any opinion available.

I'm considering putting together a multiboot CD (if I can find out how) or offer a CD with many mini-distros for people to burn and try, and offer a Wiki where they can discuss their experiences  The IFSO ( http://ifso.ie/ ) have given Wiki space for me to do this.

I'd love to hear any opinions that could save me time, or links to Beta stuff you might be doing at the moment towards Breezy.  Hopefully you can oblige!

Best regards

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