[Fsfe-ie] Pro-patents sites

Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Thu Feb 3 19:58:22 CET 2005

It's nice to know that there are a total of 6 companies innovating in
Ireland at the moment! (p4i's R&D map tells me so),


On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 10:06:56AM +0000, Ryan Meade wrote:
> Apologies if you're already aware of these:
> http://www.patents4innovation.org/
> http://campaignforcreativity.org/camp4creativity/index.htm
> Pretty funny, if they weren't a bit scary.  The Irish partners of the Patents4Innovation campaign are listed as "ICT Ireland", which is an IBEC subgroup: http://www.ictireland.ie/
> Ryan
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