[Fsfe-ie] EP relaunch Rocard item

Barry Mahon barry.mahon at iol.ie
Fri Feb 4 01:44:33 CET 2005

> Let me just point out one hilarious sentence:
>> La Présidence Irlandaise, dont  nous ne
>> pouvons pas  être insensibles au fait que son Web site soit sponsorisé
>> par Microsoft, a tenté de s'y employer en  classant le dossier dans les
>> points  A,  prêts pour être adoptés sans débat.
> This says:
> The Irish presidency - whose website, one cannot ignore, is in fact
> sponsored by Microsoft - have tried to have the bill adopted without
> debate by classing it in points A.

Just a small clarification:

It says

...The Irish Presidency, about whom we cannot be 'insensible' to the fact that the Irish (presidency) site was sponsored by M$, tried to get the item treated as an A point.

Just a small difference but IMPORTANT, Rocard is obviously well supported by someone who knows the tricks. He is not altogether flavour of the month in French pol circles but sufficiently influential to get the EP interested.

Bye, Barry

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