[Fsfe-ie] Reply from Brian Crowley

James Heald j.heald at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Feb 9 13:06:43 CET 2005

Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:

> For the record, I received a reply from Brian Crowley relating to IFSO's
> letter advising him to vote for the restart. Here is the main bit:
>   "Thank you for your letter of January 28th last regarding the European
>    Patent Directive. I greatly appreciate you sending me your views and
>    the information. As you may be aware the Legal Affairs Committee voted
>    to decide to restart the process on the CII Directive last week."
> Good luck,
> Malcohol.

He didn't mention then why, on our understanding, he was the single 
solitary MEP to vote against ?

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