[Fsfe-ie] Announcement IFSO AGM 23.3.2005

Teresa Hackett teresahackett at eircom.net
Wed Feb 9 16:58:39 CET 2005

To IFSO list

We are pleased to announcement that the first IFSO AGM will take place 
as follows:

Date: Wednesday, 23.3.2005
Location: Dublin
Venue: TBC
Time: TBC (possibly 19.00)

The AGM is an opportunity for us to reflect on the first year of IFSO, 
and more importantly to plan for 2005. Attendance at the AGM is open to 
all. Voting is limited to paid-up members of 4+ months.

Nominations for 2005 committee positions: Chairman, Secretary, 
Treasurer, general member(s). Who can be nominated?
Paid-up members of at least 8 months + current committee members. Please 
send suggestions to the Secretary (Glenn Strong) in writing at least two 
weeks before the meeting.

The IFSO constitution (referred to by paragraph below) is available at: 

IFSO AGM Draft Agenda

(1) Opening and announcements
(2) Apologies for absence
(3) Approval of agenda
(4) Approval of Annual Accounts 2004 (§3.4)
(5) Review amounts of annual subscriptions and due dates ((§4)
(6) AGM quorum - reconsider 10 paid-up member rule (§8)
(7) EGM quorum - reconsider 6 paid-up member rule (§3.1)
(8) Election of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, general member(s) 2005 
(§3.1 & §3.4)
(9) Appointment of General Committee 2005 (§3.4)
(10) Draft workplan 2005
(11) Any other business
(12) Close of meeting

If you can attend, please let me know for planning purposes. Hope to see 
you at the AGM!

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